Parasport Development Centre of Tbilisi invites young people with disabilities

Parasport Development Centre of Tbilisi, under the initiative of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs Department of Tbilisi City Hall, is inviting people with disabilities to participate in sport games, it is also possible to exercise the recreational section.

Interested persons can visit each working day during business hours at the following address: №5 Akaki Beliashvili St. Digomi Massive, Tbilisi. For more information, visit the Center website: or call on 593 54-94-78.

NLE Parasport Development Centre of Tbilisi was established in 2013 by the initiative of Tbilisi City Hall. The Center aims to involve the people with disabilities in sport and promote their self-realization, as well as their intensive involvement in the sport, their rehabilitation and re-socialization in society.

Currently, the Center has the sports facilities and equipment adapted for the needs of the persons with disabilities and the material-technical base for rehabilitation, where there is: sports ground, adapted gym, pool, and manual physiotherapy cabinets. The staff in the Center are highly qualified coaches, teachers, doctors, physical and manual therapists.

At this point, the Center promotes the development of sport in nine species for Paralympic and people with disabilities. In particular: football for blind people, fencing for people in wheelchairs, archery, tennis for people in wheelchairs, Boccia, wrestling, football for amputated persons and bodybuilding. There is planned other sports development for persons with disabilities.